Welcome to the HackSC Factory!

HackSC is the premier hackathon hosted at the University of Southern California. We empower hackers to learn and explore new technologies through hands-on development and experience. 

We're here to tinker and build. The factory will provide all the resources necessary for you to visualize and build out your ideas in an environment rich with other students who want to do the same.

Our factory is open to all levels of skills and we hope to be a place that sparks both new hackers and skilled ones to take something genuine away from it, whether it be a skill, idea, prototype, or maybe even a product!Check out our HackSChools, skill specific workshops to help anyone interested in learning or reinforcing different areas tinkering.

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1. Teams may be as large as you like. However, if your team would like to be eligible for prizes/competition, the maximum team size is 4 people

2. Code must have been written at HackSC 2015


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Stephen Chen

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Jesse Chand

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Nikhil Bedi

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Kaitlyn Lee

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Ben Smith

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Daniel Negari

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Mike Lee

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Achievement
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Inspiring/Interesting
  • User Experience/Design